Lawn Renovation and Installation

Home construction - Best Lawn Care in New London

If your property needs some TLC or you’re simply looking for a change, Ellinwood Landscaping can help with any project, of any size. This includes rebuilding retaining walls, expanding garden space, replacing plants and bushes, or restoring bare patches of grass. Let our team install your lawn for your new home or replace your old, worn out grass. We will lay seed, mulch, sod and plant any bushes or trees you want. Ellinwood Landscaping will help make your yard a sight to see!

Two ways to install a new lawn:

Seeding– the preferred method of establishing a lawn

  • half the cost of sod
  • many wonderful seed blends available for any type of condition
  • grass seed can be applied by drop spreaders or hydro-seeding equipment or a combination of both

Sodding– when there is no time to wait for that instant green carpet

  • twice the cost of seeding
  • highly perishable–must be put down immediately
  • requires 2 weeks of concentrated heavy watering after installation to assure its success

NOTE: Watering is the key!!  Whether seed or sod, once installed it is imperative you maintain moisture in the soil for optimum results.

New seed/sod planting Preparation

The preparation for your new lawn is the hardest part of the job. Proper grading is imperative for a long term properly drained and easy mowing lawn. New lawn installation may include any of the following:

  • Round-up application –eliminates any existing weeds or grass
  • Rough grading
  • Addition of custom blended soils or amendments to existing soil to enhance lawn performance while decreasing its dependence on water and fertilizers
  • Fine grading
  • Installation of irrigation systems

New seed/sod planting Timing

If you have a choice, lawn installation is best done in the fall–late August to mid-October:

  • fewer weeds
  • great growing weather: sunny but cooler, warm soil temperatures, great rains

Spring and summer lawn installations are fine, but weeds are rampant, and the heat and frequent summer droughts require constant watering while new grass plants are germinating.